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The website of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association.  A non-profit making group organised by artists for artists
National Acrylic Painters’ Association
Christine Brunnock
“Fearless Sky”
“Highlighted Shadows”
Martin Clark
“Brugmansia ii”
“Converted Old Mine in Woodland”
“Homage to Pierre Soulage”
“Beach at Night, Budleigh 2”
Beatrice Cloake
“With a Kiss from the Sun”
Alice Hole
Alan Edwards
“The Cricket Match”
Paul Geraghty
Anthony Gribbin
“Flow 1”
“Flow 2”
“The Lights are on”
“Beyond the Creek, Penrose”
“Perspective on the Past”
“Lines entwined, Porthleven”
Jo Smith
Jan Stevens
“Spot On, Trendy”
“Spot On, Modernity”
“Drop Sea Diver”
“Homage to the Koi Carp”
“Before the Otters came”
(A3 in an A2 mount)
(A3 in an A2 mount)
“Autumn’s Gentle Drift, Penrose”
(70 x 65cms)
(100 x 28cms)
(69.5 x 45cms)
(65 x 70cms)
“Newlyn Lighthouse / Still Life”
“Newlyn Lighthouse and Coffee Pot”
“Still Life / Lily”
(25 x 25cms. Framed 42 x 42cms)
(25 x 25cms. Framed 42 x 42cms)
(25 x 25cms. Framed 42 x 42cms)
(50 x 40cms)
(50 x 50cms)
(60 x 60cms)
(90 x 60cms)
(60 x 60cms)
(60 x 60cms)
“Little Treasures”
(25 x 30cms)
(46 x 36cms)
(46 x 36cms)
(40 x 51cms)
(46 x 36cms)
Amanda Curbishley
“Beach Tangle”
(48 48cms inc frame)
“Melody of the Sea”
(54 x 44cms inc frame)
“Blue Keel”
(48 x 48cms inc frame)
“Evening Breakers”
(48 x 58cms inc frame)